Case Study

Case Study: Synovis Life Technologies Eliminates Spam With Barracuda Networks

Source: Barracuda Networks

The Patient: Synovis Life Technologies
Synovis Life Technologies, Inc., is a diversifi ed medical device company that develops, manufactures and markets specialty medical products for use in thoracic, cardiac, neuro, vascular and ophthalmolic surgery. Consisting of three companies and with four offi ces throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, the company has seen significant growth in the past few years. Along with this growth came a few growing pains in the technical services department, the largest of which was caused by an outside source attacking the company—spam.

The Ailment: Spam
With more than 400 employees depending on email for vital business communication the amount of spam bombarding the company inboxes was crippling.

"The company was losing around 150 hours of productivity a year due to illegitimate email, not to mention the time our technical service department spent on the phone with employees complaining about the amount of spam," said Daniel Knight, technical services manager at Synovis. "I received several calls a day, many of which came from top executives."

Synovis' technical services department was using a server-based anti-spam software solution that was fairly successful within their headquarters, however, large amounts of spam continued to attack the satellite offices' networks. When the company decided to implement a WAN (Wide Area Network) to connect its four offices, Knight knew it was essential to find a solution to regain control of email quickly. Knight investigated other antispam solutions as well as considered upgrading the existing server-based anti-spam software, but found both options were expensive.

"All the solutions we came across were out of our budget, required the purchase of additional servers or they didn't have the features we needed," said Knight. "We are a fairly small company and can't aff ord to spend our entire technology budget on one solution."