News Feature | June 12, 2014

Sunday Night Sales Management: Getting Your Act Together

Source: Acumen Management Group Ltd
Ken Thoreson, president, Acumen Management Group

By Ken Thoreson, president, Acumen Management Group

In the beginning it was serious training. What I mean by that comment is that when I started in the tech sector many years ago, selling software/services/technology, I was lucky.  The manufacturer that I worked for not only had extended sales and product training resources but active sales management that worked with small groups of salespeople. This was a sales driven organization where you had to start fast, you could earn great money and you worked with sales professionals. However, being hired out of college, along with a “batch” of other youthful people meant we all had to learn how to sell, how to convince much older individuals of our expertise and learn our solutions-in fact we had to actually install and train our clients on the solutions!  The most critical lessons we learned was Sunday night sales management training.

Every Sunday night at 7:30-8 p.m. my sales manager would call me, I hated those calls but I learned they had their purpose. Sunday evening was about being prepared for the week; my manager’s questions were always the same...

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