Guest Column | November 25, 2013

Subtle (And Not So Subtle) Ways You're Turning Off Customers

By Robin Robins, Owner, Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc.

By Robin Robins, Owner,  Technology Marketing Tookit, Inc.

“No one knows how good you are before the sale; before they buy, they only know how good your marketing is.” ~Robin Robins

So I’m in the throes of interviewing several architects to pick one who will get started designing my new home on the mount here in Franklin. As always, I’m playing the astute student as well as the customer whenever I go shopping for anything, particularly big ticket items like this. And, as is usual, I’m coming home with a big bag of disappointment. This has continued to underscore to me the importance of a few things that do bear repeating; and, more importantly, should encourage a careful examination in your own business, especially if you’re still getting stumped by questions about your fees and still struggle to get prospects to want to talk to you.