Guest Column | October 12, 2012

Strategies To Sustain Our Industry

Joe Finizio RSPA President

By Joe Finizio, president and CEO, RSPA

The evolving technology and business environment means we all have to step up our game with knowledge, products, education and new business strategies to turn these changes into business opportunities. The success of RetailNOW 2012 was a reflection of our expanding marketplace and the business opportunities being presented to our industry. Recently RSPA invited several industry leaders to a strategic planning meeting at APG Cash Drawer’s office in Minneapolis, MN. The goal of the day-long strategy session was to define actionable items to help sustain our industry through the current multitude of changes and turn them into profitable opportunities.

This session follows the strategic planning meeting held during RSPA’s July Board of Directors meeting. Given the importance of these discussions, we determined it  would be prudent to expand the scope of our collective industry IQ by inviting additional industry leaders to share their input and vision. The main topics were: “The Impact
of Consumer Driver IT on Traditional POS,” “Transitioning to a Recurring Revenue Model or SaaS,” “Sustaining the Reseller Channel,” “The Intersection of POS and Payment Processing” and “Data Security for Retail Technology.” Participants were invited from all areas of the retail technology supply chain. The discussions, moderated by RSPA board member Jim Roddy of BSM, dove deep into these issues. All participants checked their company agendas at the door, resulting in a very productive discussion that fully addressed the issues.