White Paper

3 Steps To Selling Business Continuity To SMBs

Source: Continuum

This MSP Guide from Continuum takes a look at the effects of data loss and downtime on small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and how SMBs need to meet this challenge by relying on IT service providers that can minimize their exposure to such events.

Information is critical to business and modern organizations must be able to handle the massive amounts of corporate data that define them in order to stay alive. Business transactions generate large quantities of vital information at every step and businesses need this information “to keep the engines running and the wheels turning.” Protecting this data is critically important and a major focus in large enterprises, but small and midsize businesses must also be able to keep their data secure.

This guide notes, “Even with their limited resources and IT budgets, SMBs require robust business continuity systems, disaster recovery plans and safeguards to ensure their precious IT assets are accessible in the event of a catastrophic outage or system failure.”

Based on a Forrester Global IT Budgets, Priorities, and Emerging Technology Tracking Survey from June of 2011 it is noted that business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) is the top priority for small and mid-sized businesses. In terms of the elements of BC/DR they are most concerned with: protecting databases (68%), safeguarding email (45%), backing up accounting data (39%), and protecting network services (36%).

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