Newsletter | May 13, 2020

05.13.20 -- Staying Cyber Resilient During A Pandemic

Staying Cyber Resilient During A Pandemic

We’re all thinking about it, so let’s call it out by name right away. The novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, is a big deal. For many of us, the structure of our lives is changing daily, and those of us who are capable of doing our work remotely are likely doing so more than we ever have before.

Why Hackers Hack: The Stereotype

When you think of a hacker, do you envision an antisocial, young, hoodie-wearing man in a dark basement? These stereotypes teach us to think of hackers only as nefarious individuals who will stop at nothing to wreak unstoppable havoc. However, the reality is that hacking is a variable, diverse, and highly individualized practice, and not all hackers are cybercriminals. In fact, some hackers can even help strengthen your digital defenses.

What’s Behind The Surge In Phishing Sites? Three Theories

2020 saw a significant rise in the number of active phishing sites over 2019 — a 640 percent rise, to be exact. This reflects a year-over-year rise in active phishing sites, but it’s important to keep this (dangerous) threat in context. Here are three factors that may have contributed to the rise.

5 Ways To Avoid A Phishing Attack

Did you know that 90 percent of modern data breaches now involve a phishing attack? These attacks usually consist of fake emails designed to look like they’re coming from a brand or institution that you trust. The best way to defend yourself against phishing attacks is to identify phony emails before you click on them.

Smoke And Mirrors: Do AI And Machine Learning Make A Difference In Cybersecurity?

For this report, we surveyed 800 IT professionals with cybersecurity decision- making power across the U.S., U.K., Japan, and Australia/New Zealand regions at the end of 2019 and discovered that 96 percent of respondents now use AI/ML tools in their cybersecurity programs. 

Lockdown Lessons 2: Shoring Up Your Network

Whether you’re a small to midsize business or a managed services provider (MSP) who serves other organizations, strong security needs to be at the core of your business. This article provides a few simple security policies that will help you close security gaps and, ultimately, secure customer trust.