Case Study

Case Study: SOURCE

Source: Zeacom

Source, a reseller provider of communication services to companies of all sizes across the country, wanted to include in its portfolio a solution that could deliver a robust call center solution and UC products that provided comprehensive reporting statistics, integrated multi-media capabilities, and was more efficient to use. They found their solution with Zeacom.

Five years ago, Source became a Zeacom partner and hasn't looked back since. The reason is simple: Zeacom offers a full suite of UC products, including contact center, with full multimedia queuing and support, and builds on top of it with a comprehensive understanding of channel partner requirements. The success of the partnership speaks for itself – Source has won every bid where Zeacom has been proposed as the solution. Said Debbie Magnanti, Source's Director of Sales and Support Services, "Zeacom differentiates us from the competition with its seamless, integrated approach, architecture, and better, more efficient customer care."