Article | May 2, 2013

Sound In Surveillance: Adding Audio To Your IP Video Solution

Source: Axis Communications

Using audio can extend your video surveillance system’s capabilities and provide considerable operational benefits. Adding sound could mean increased possibilities for improving detection, creating better situational awareness and obtaining valuable forensics information.

1. First things first

Many Axis cameras have built-in microphones, so getting started with audio is just a matter of enabling sound recording in the cameras or in your video management software.

It is important to know that recording sound in public areas is often more regulated than video surveillance. Laws differ regionally and between countries. Make sure you know what you are allowed to record before you plan to add sound to your surveillance system.

If your environment strictly prohibits audio recording, the built-in microphone in some Axis cameras can be disabled in hardware by plugging an unconnected plug into the auxiliary microphone jack.

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