Case Study

SOTI And Blue Dart: Delivering Daily With 100% Reliability

Source: SOTI Inc.

The Indian logistics industry is growing at a steady pace, and the country is now a prime destination for worldwide logistics service providers. Owing to the nature of its services with its strong distribution network and investment in technology, the express delivery industry is expected to be at the epicenter of growth in the logistics space.

Being a part of this core customer-driven industry, customer centricity is at the centre of everything Blue Dart does. Their mobile field staff are the face of the organization to the customer. They are a direct touch point and hence the Company ensures that they provide optimal customer service. Their mobile field force not only has good communication skills but also possesses excellent knowledge of the local geography and language, to enĀ¬sure exemplary customer service and timely deliveries.

Operating on a dedicated APN and currently using Airtel's GPRS Network, Blue Dart's Motorola MC70 devices are location-specific and not user-specific. The efficient mobile field force can pick up any of the devices and get the relevant data synchronized based on their credentials, as they go about performing their delivery cycles. All input gathered on the field is directly fed into the devices, which include keyboard input, barcode scanning, digital signatures as well as photographic evidences.

Right from the design phase, Blue Dart was absolutely sure that they would need to deploy a device management system to manage the multitude of devices in the field. The Blue Dart solution had to be custom-built to enable their couriers to get the job done right the first time and to be equipped with key information regarding Blue Dart services, to continue Blue Dart's legacy of best-in-class customer service.