Guest Column | October 12, 2012

Socially Speaking: How To Get Sales Through Pinterest

Amy Hanson

By Amy Hanson, business alliance specialist, One Step Retail Solutions

Many of you have heard that Pinterest is blowing up. With an increase of 145% just since the start of 2012, this is beyond a social media force to be reckoned with – Pinterest is now tied with Twitter and creating more sales traffic for retailers than Facebook, Twitter and Google+ combined.

The question can be raised, HOW could a bunch of pictures result in sales at store level? And also, HOW does one control what others will “pin”?

Here is some helpful data:
This site is a virtual pin board. Shoppers can pin images through their mobile app (snap a photo and then tag) and also pin an image you find online (Facebook images cannot be pinned). “Look at these shoes I found from Kate Spade!” or “Idea for upcoming baby shower, vegan vanilla cupcakes from Buttercelli Bake Shop!” These are typically images of items that the “pinner” likes and wants others to know about (free promotion).

A pinner can then categorize these images by “boards”. Popular boards include fashion (by season or style), wedding ideas, party planning, recipes and interior design.