White Paper

Smartphones As Bar Code Scanners? Not So Fast.

Source: Datalogic ADC, Inc.

This white paper from Datalogic ADC discusses the introduction of digital imaging technology and the spread of smartphones which has led to the use of these consumer devices in data capture. Everyone who has a smartphone now has access to applications that can act as bar code scanners. These applications allow users to scan almost any bar code to look up prices, access data, or access online content (via a QR code).

This technology has lead enterprise managers to consider scrapping the purpose-build scanning equipment and implementing low-cost smartphones in the field or in the warehouse. This white paper states, “Is this a smart idea? The answer is largely, no.” Scanners on mobile phones do not compare to the bar code imaging technology used in commercial scanners. Purpose-built scanners have the ability to scan large numbers of bar codes in rapid succession in an extremely wide range of working conditions. Smartphone cameras have numerous technical limitations which make them unsuitable for most line-of-business applications.

Download this white paper below for more information about the mechanics of properly scanning a bar code and how the type types of technologies discussed compare in terms of performance.