Case Study

Skiers Race Through The Rental Process With Printer & Label Solution

Source: CognitiveTPG

This case study from CognitiveTPG takes a look at Copper Mountain Resort as it was searching for a system to effectively manage its rental equipment inventory between five store locations and expedite the rental process for its skiers and boarder. Copper Mountain Resorts is a vacation destination located in Colorado and features extensive skiing and snowboarding terrain. It covers over 2400 acres of skiable terrain with 290” of average snowfall during the ski season.

To allow skiers and snowboarders to have access to equipment quickly across its large land area, Copper Mountain operates five locations spread throughout the resort to rent and return equipment. Copper Mountain was using an inefficient system to track and trace its ski rental equipment and manage inventory for all 5 of its rental locations. This case study notes, “According to Gary Deetz, Warehouse Supervisor, the self-made system was faulty and labor intensive. Basically they combined 3 pieces of construction paper to determine store location, shelf location, and product information – the color paper represented the store location.”

Copper Mountain needed a system to effectively manage its inventory among all 5 locations and improve the speed of service it was providing to its customers to allow them as much time as possible to enjoy their vacation. Its 5 locations had very limited space that could not fit a full computer, so the system had to operate as a standalone. They also needed to be able to print serialized labels with variable information on the spot for replacement labels.

Download this case study below to read more about the issues Copper Mountain was experiencing and the solution provided to address these issues.