Newsletter | January 28, 2019

01.28.19 -- Shorten Your IT Services Sales Cycle

Featured Editorial
Shorten Your IT Services Sales Cycle
By Richard Chambers

An A-to-Z library of dozens of sales books isn’t required reading, because I’ve found that my students don’t need encyclopedic knowledge. They need a mental map to lead the customer from Point A — the customer’s current frustrating condition — to Point B — the customer’s desired business outcome. Lewis Carroll once observed that if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. My corollary: If you know where you are in the buyer’s journey, you will know exactly what to do next. The measure of how well your distributors and vendors assist you in moving along the journey is channel value.

Reduce These 5 Security Vulnerabilities
By Brian Horton

In April of last year, I authored a Channel Executive article detailing basic steps MSPs should consider when transitioning to security-centric services. These steps included increased security training for team members, general legal concerns, framework considerations, and several other logistical variables.

5 Culture-Building Corporate Values
By Craig Pollack

What exactly is a “high-performing culture” and why does it matter? Well, when you state to your staff that the purpose for why your company exists is “to redefine what it means to be an IT services provider,” I’d have to say it matters a lot. Maybe this statement is a too little cocky for some, but I’m a firm believer in setting BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals). Otherwise, why even bother? So, if we’re the ones setting the bar for what it means to be an IT services provider, then we’d better have our act together. And as they say, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” If this is the case, then having a high-performing culture is certainly the foundation for success.


CWDash is the ConnectWise Manage Dashboard Platform. CWDash is a 10+ year old ConnectWise business intelligence, dashboard, and reporting product. Originally meant for internal use, Forza Technology Solutions brought it to market. Vendors quickly saw the success and asked to advertise. We now give it away to ConnectWise Manage MSPs for free with advertising. Come join the community of thousands of MSPs using our free product that optimizes, makes more efficient, and enhances ConnectWise Manage.

What It Really Takes To Run A High-Performing MSP Team

Limited time is the number one factor that limits any company's growth potential. This leads to a lack of focus, a lack of service quality, and limits your ability to specialize.

Best Practices For Cross-Selling And Upselling To Your Customers
By Scott Bennett, director, North American Partner Management, Barracuda MSP

Most VARs are aware that cross-selling and upselling can boost their revenue, but not as many put the required effort into executing this type of program.

Batteries-As-A-Service: Power Your Way Into Unique, Mobile Managed Services

Mobile device battery problems can be a huge detriment to operations. But, a unique new program — Batteries-as-a-Service (BaaS) — offers a comprehensive solution to battery problems while bolstering your client’s bottom line and positioning your company as an innovator.

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