Guest Column | August 5, 2011

SharePoint - The Better The Metadata, The More Valuable The Information

By Allen Carney, VP of product marketing at Kofax

Part of the reason SharePoint is recognized as one of the fastest growing products in Microsoft's history is that it allows an organization to leverage an asset it already has: its information repository. Employees throughout a company can use SharePoint to update and access information quickly and easily, which is then used to drive business processes down the line to reduce costs and increase efficiency, provided, of course, the information they're accessing is accurate and complete.

Let's revisit the issues organizations have with SharePoint: poor organization, low visibility and lack of control over valuable data. Using classification and separation technologies, document capture provides greater control over the content delivered to SharePoint. It enables the ability to route the content to its corresponding library within SharePoint, thereby providing effective management of folders. In addition, extraction and validation increase visibility, ensuring that anything delivered to SharePoint is accurate and organized. By automating the delivery, organizations benefit from better data quality, improved retrieval and data mining, improved management and administration, and lower cost of ownership.