Magazine Article | October 16, 2014

Sell Cloud BDR You Can Count On

By The Business Solutions Network

An MSP’s cloud BDR (backup and disaster recovery) is put to a true test within a week of implementation and saves a lumber company customer from total data loss.

Since its inception, Gaeltek has been a pure play MSP (managed services provider) with no break-fix exceptions. This was a particularly insightful move when you consider that Gaeltek was founded in 2004, before managed services became a household name. Another strategic move the MSP made was to include BDR in its core offering rather than making it a separate à la carte line item that customers could take or leave. “BDR is a fundamental staple of doing business, not a one-off item that only certain businesses need,” says Andy Harper, co-owner of Gaeltek.

Despite his early commitment to BDR, Harper’s BDR vendor partners haven’t always reciprocated this same data protection commitment. On one occasion, a financial services client experienced a server crash and Gaeltek responded. “We were regularly backing up their data to a well-known BDR vendor’s appliance and were expecting a two-hour recovery time,” says Harper. What they discovered instead was worse than the initial crash and only complicated matters.