Guest Column | June 11, 2014

Selecting The Right Enterprise Access Control System

By Robert Laughlin, President, Galaxy Control Systems

Robert Laughlin, President, Galaxy Control Systems

By Robert Laughlin, President, Galaxy Control Systems

Today’s enterprise access control systems offer a wide variety of choices in terms of size, features, functions, and price points. With networked platforms driving demand for higher-level systems that offer increased integration and scalability, innovation continues to come rapidly to access control systems providing users with greater situational awareness and more heightened security.

With the many variables to consider, selecting an enterprise access control system, whether for a new installation or legacy system upgrade, can be confusing and overwhelming, particularly for users who may never have given a thought to access control in the past. However, just knowing what to consider and evaluate will take much of the difficulty out of the process.

Often, the biggest mistake people make is not fully understanding the requirements a system will be tasked with meeting. So before the selection process can begin, there has to be a clear notion of just what the system is expected to accomplish. This includes not only what end users want from their system but also any legal, regulatory, corporate, or other requirements.

Having specific goals in place provides a better understanding of the size, scope and type of system that will be needed. At that point, the following four factors will help you select the best enterprise access control system for your needs.

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