Guest Column | September 25, 2012

See How Easily You Can Add VoIP To Your Managed Services Offering

Quest PacketTrap’s Product Development Team Leader, Matt Bolton, discusses how MSPs can play a key role in upgrading their customers’ phone systems and create another recurring revenue stream at the same time.

What are the biggest challenges small businesses face in regards to using VoIP?

When it comes to implementing a VoIP system, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) can face a few obstacles.

First, SMBs should be prepared to encounter issues with performance. High quality performance of a VoIP system is key for a business to function properly. Downtime for phone systems is not an option. However, performance is not always impacted by the VoIP system, but other network traffic. Poor functionality can occur when other routine events take place: users access a large web server, a massive off-site backup is conducted in the middle of the day or an internal IT team member is patching end user systems. Inversely, a new VoIP system could impact overall network functionality. For example, call centers may not have enough bandwidth to uphold Internet use as well as the daily deluge of phone calls processed.