White Paper

Secrets Of The BDR Sale

Source: CharTec

The true workings of a network are rarely seen and should not be heard. This, in particular, goes for a BDR. The only unfortunate part of this reality is that it is one of the precise reasons why it’s so difficult to sell a BDR solution to a new client.

Because the BDR is a hidden part of a network, they are most likely unaware of what a BDR does, they don’t understand its power and necessity and, in turn, deem it an unnecessary expense. The question is: why do they HOLD ON TO that perception even after you present your backup solution to them?

Most likely, it’s because you don’t sell it to them in the right way. You either inundate them with tech specs that are completely irrelevant, or you assume that they know the importance of a data backup or that a tape backup fails most of the time and gloss over the important value-based selling points.

We choose to go a different route, and instead employ both logic and emotion to convince the potential client of the value of our BDR solution.

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