White Paper

Searchable Surveillance For Government Organizations

Source: 3VR

From borders to the high-security areas of federal, state, and local government offices, physical security has never been more important in the U.S. The September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon gave birth to a new awareness of the country's vulnerability and the need to proactively secure its citizens, government, and resources. Government offices need to protect their employees and buildings from physical threat, and their information from getting into the hands of the wrong people. Many branches of government – the IRS, for example – are also extremely vulnerable to potentially debilitating financial losses.

Conventional DVRs only record and store video as evidence – it is nearly impossible to find relevant events or individuals in this mountain of evidence when a security breach occurs.

3VR's SmartRecorder™ is the first video surveillance system designed to meet government security's video management, investigative, budgetary, and technical requirements in one system. In addition to the full range of enterprise video and IT management features that government agencies require, 3VR's system includes a patented Event Search Engine that brings Google-style power to investigations, along with built-in video analytics, a central case management tool, and the industry's best API for integration with third-party analytics.