Case Study

Case Study: Savvion Improves RTO And Reduces Backup Cost With Data Recovery Vault

Source: NetEnrich, Inc.

Savvion, like many growing companies, used tape technology to backup their data. When Savvion first addressed the requirement for remote data protection, tape was the only viable approach to meet their budget and fit the needs of their company. However, as Savvion grew, so did their dependency on company data. When their data protection and recovery requirements changed, Vincent Kenny was tasked to find a better solution.

"Data Recovery Vault allowed me to finally migrate off of tape backup without increasing my IT costs," said Vincent Kenny. "I couldn't justify an ongoing investment in an antiquated and unreliable technology like tape. That's when I turned to Simply Continuous and Data Domain to provide offsite data backup and recovery. With Data Recovery Vault, Savvion's information is protected in the event of a disaster and I can recover the data more quickly than I ever could with tape."