Case Study

Saving Client Data & Business Operations With Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

Source: StorageCraft Technology Corporation
Saving Client Data & Business Operations With Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

As a StorageCraft® OEM partner, Advanced Backup Solutions (ABS) offers a best-of-breed business continuity solution that delivers enterprise-class data protection and disaster recovery to managed service providers (MSPs) who work with small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Built on leading technologies, ABS Enterprise® is a complete solution with integrated onsite/offsite backup and restore, plus virtual failover for true business continuity.

The Massachusetts-based company uses its unique perspective to serve partners and customers across all industries who have one thing in common: the desire for enterprise-class data protection and disaster recovery.

Founded in 2005, ABS is a partner-driven company that enables managed service providers to deliver business continuity as a service. The ABS Enterprise business continuity platform—now integrated with StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® software—provides MSPs with a complete solution that is scalable and easy to deploy and manage, while delivering cost-effective data protection and disaster recovery for their customers.

ABS partners can offer a variety of business continuity services, including the following:

  • Local disk-to-disk backup with offsite storage integration
  • Server virtualization & DR hosting—onsite or offsite
  • Single or dual-site high availability (HA) data storage
  • Offsite data archiving for long term retention requirements
  • Innovative offsite instant-failover solutions for true business continuity

This diverse portfolio gives ABS partners the flexibility to satisfy different customer needs and budgets.

This case study highlights two recent disasters that demonstrate why a growing number of MSPs are using StorageCraft solutions through the ABS Continuity Partner Program. In the following pages, you’ll see how StorageCraft is helping to power the ABS Enterprise solution and keep businesses running, no matter what