Case Study

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Source: Autotask Corporation

In this case study from Autotask, UniFund, a New Hampshire-based software development company specializing in accounting, payroll, and HR management used in education, municipal, and local government verticals, needed a tool to manage human resources in the field and extend visibility into client ecosystem.

UniFund was running their business on an ad-hoc combination of disparate systems, including Excel and a homegrown service desk system. In order to put together a complete picture of a client or prospect at UniFund, multiple departments with no format system for communicating with each other would have to put combine their individual information. Because of this problem UniFind realized it needed a solution that would combine CRM, lead generation, prospect nurturing, and internal workflow processes together into a central repository.

 “We started our search because I needed a better tool to manage our human resources in the field,” says Sean Marlow, director of field services operations for UniFund. “That was the initial pain point — better scheduling and more visibility into the workload assigned to each person. But, as we started digging into it, we realized our needs extended well beyond that.” UniFund quickly realized that with the right tool, it could coordinate field resources, integrate billing, refine customer support and align efforts between support and development.”

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