Guest Column | April 8, 2013

RSPA President's Note - March 2013

By Joe Finizio, connect Contributor, RSPA President & CEO

What Do Solutions Providers Really Sell?

Several months back I heard a speaker challenge the audience to look at what their businesses really do for their customers. The speaker reminded us of the importance of looking beyond the obvious product benefits and challenged the audience to find the ultimate benefits being provided to their customers.

I took this challenge, and here’s what I came up with: as solutions providers, we sell empowerment to the users of retail technology. We empower them to better serve their customers through a variety of hardware, software and services.

Here’s another example: At a recent gathering of analysts for the general retail market, I heard a constant call for more retail technology to improve the shopping experience to better serve the shopper who is now empowered with product reviews, recommendations from friends and experts, and competitive pricing. I heard the call to empower store associates with retail technology to make the sale regardless of the sales channel – online, mobile, or in-store purchase. If we approach a customer or prospect uninformed we will no longer connect with that customer. Think about it… solutions providers sell empowerment, not just products. Have you ever told your customer that you are empowering them?

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