Guest Column | June 23, 2016

RSPA President's Note - June 2016

Ms. Kelly Funk RSPA President & CEO

By Kelly Funk, RSPA

How is it June already? Weren’t we just talking about our plans for 2016? Time is marching on, things continue to move quickly, and I’ve begun to cherish the moments of relaxation I have. One such instance was a few nights ago, when I was relaxing and watching HBO’s Real Sports. The episode I watched was fascinating: it featured a profile on the unique community that gathers around Mavericks, California, to surf Northern California’s most notorious big wave. It is said that sixty foot waves pop out of the ocean with zero warning. Surfers from around the globe wait to get the word every year or two that the wave is coming, and they drop EVERYTHING to converge on the California coast to take a ride of a lifetime.