Guest Column | March 5, 2013

RSPA President's Note - January/February 2013

By Joe Finizio, connect Contributor, RSPA President & CEO

Business Strategy – More than a Resolution

My wish for our entire industry is to have a productive and prosperous 2013. With the start of the New Year came the usual blitz of advertisements for health and fitness equipment and/or club memberships. Many of us rush out to buy a membership or a piece of fitness equipment with good intentions but limited follow through. How many of you have a treadmill or elliptical machine collecting dust in the basement or spare room? (I know I’m guilty.) The same thing happens to our business strategic planning – we start with good intentions – then the day-to-day business catches up with us and the good intentions are lost.

A few years ago, when I was running a reseller channel, I visited a struggling reseller to review their business plans and strategies. I was told that their plan was to “…do more every day!” My response – if your business plan was a road trip and you didn’t have a map or a destination, you are going to waste a lot of time driving in circles or going to the wrong destination. Business cannot get by on gut reactions or costly changes in directions. Business strategy is much more than an annual routine with good intentions - it has to be a lifestyle.

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