Guest Column | June 28, 2013

RSPA President's Note — June 2013

Joe Finizio,  RSPA President & CEO,

One of our members recently told me that change is not the issue - it’s keeping up with the change that’s important. I agree! Since my entry into the business I have yet to see technology go backwards. Imagine attending a trade show and hearing about slower CPUs or smaller screens with less resolution or software applications with less functionality for more money. Our industry doesn’t work that way.

What has become a major factor for our industry is the speed of innovation and the need for our industry participants to evolve business and product offerings at a much more rapid pace. In many of my 'President's Notes' I’ve mentioned that opportunities come from these evolutions. To benefit from a possible “bi-product” opportunity, you must be educated on products, operations, markets and the customers’ needs – it’s not easy. Another member recently told me that he always leaves RSPA events with great ideas and information that will surely bring his company profitable revenue. Then he (like many of us) gets home and does the same thing he has been doing for years...
it’s not easy. We live in a world and work in an industry of continually emerging technologies. The business aspects associated with our industry are evolving with the emerging technologies. Tablet/mobile-based applications and a SaaS business model quickly come to mind as good examples.

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