Guest Column | December 11, 2012

RSPA President's Note - December 2012

Joe Finizio RSPA President

By Joe Finizio, President & CEO, RSPA

Education, Education, Education

Anyone who has played sports knows that success is not immediate: you need to learn the game, understand the nuances of your position and improve your personal skills through experience and coaching. The same philosophies apply to the retail technology industry. Now imagine that the rules of the game, the field of play and the equipment are continually changing and you have a good analogy for today’s retail technology marketplace. Our marketplace is constantly evolving and the only way to keep your competitive edge is through good coaching and practicing or, in our world, education, education, education.

Here’s an example of how a vendor looked at the customer’s business needs and found a solution to address a business need. Several months ago, a vendor visited a customer who was lamenting that he would have to eliminate layaways because of the cost for the trailers to hold layaway items at each of his store locations. The vendor was able to provide a complete solution that included hardware, software, installation and support to manage layaway purchases and shipments from a central warehouse and an in-store customer kiosk that provided direct access to those layaways.

Download this document below to read more about the RSPA and education along with a segment on inside INSPIRE 2013.