Article | November 20, 2013

RSPA President's Note: "Adapt Or Exit"

Source: RSPA
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By Joe Finizio, connect Contributor, RSPA President & CEO

Those were the words from the National Restaurant Association given to RSPA members at the RetailNOW General Session. Those words continue to resonate loudly as I have attended recent industry events and conferences. At FSTEC, Chef Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible told the operators in the audience to grow with technology or your business will not succeed. He cited one case where smart phones were used for post-meal customer surveys. Chef Irvine receives a text message if there has been a bad customer review and in many cases has called the customer before they leave the restaurant to apologize and save a customer.

At Money 2020 the 4,000 attendees were presented with a dizzying array of mobile payments, mobile commerce, mobile merchandising and mobile banking products. At a presentation moderated by Mercury’s CEO Matt Taylor, a restaurateur – Flat Breads – demonstrated a cashless system for their restaurant. That system included remote ordering, social media marketing and cashless payments all on a smart phone. He stated that his competition no longer hands out flyers for the sandwich shop in front of his shop door – they are using Twitter and Facebook and more to attract customers. He went on to say that he has to be out- in-front with technology to make his customers’ experience exceptional and keep ahead of his competition.

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