Article | October 19, 2016

RSPA Membership Meeting Highlights

Source: RSPA
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By Gabby Coor and Amber Murdock

As a membership association, RSPA relies heavily on input from its members in order to meet the needs of the organization as a whole. Each individual plays a pivotal role in the progress of the association, so what better time for the entire body to congregate than at RetailNOW®? Each year at the show, RSPA members gather for the annual Membership Meeting; this year on August 1, 2016 when the association met after the General Session concluded to review the organization’s work, hear updates, and elect members to fill newly vacant board seats.

Majority Voting
2015-2016 Chairman of the Board Mike Seymour kicked things off with the announcement of the Nominating Committee’s proposed candidate to the Endowment Committee, Jim Roddy, who was elected, uncontested, by acclamation. Up next, proposed candidate for chairman elect, Mark Fraker was elected unanimously, once again by acclamation.

RSPA President and CEO Kelly Funk took the stage to review, with the group, some of the proposed amendments to the by-laws which included the incorporation of electronic voting for board elections, allowing current Board Members to appoint individuals to fill seats that may become vacant before the end of a term, and the support of a separate endowment fund. All changes were approved.