Guest Column | June 23, 2016

RSPA Members Making A Splash

RSPA Members


Location: New York, NY
Years in Business: 14 Years
Leadership Team: Kamal Karmakar- CEO; Pankaj Mathur- COO
RSPA Member for: 3 Years
RSPA Involvement: RetailNOW® Exhibitor: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016; RetailNOW Presenter: 2013, 2016

CitiXsys has deep experience in developing omnichannel solutions for retail. Why should resellers, particularly those within RSPA membership, be paying attention to omnichannel solutions?

Retailers of all sizes are selling on multiple channels including in-store, online, mobile, and social media. RSPA members have traditionally worked with brick-and-mortar retailers, but, as those businesses have added online and mobile channelsand as online retailers have begun to open brick-and mortar stores the lines have blurred. Many RSPA members’ retail customers are selling online, and retail solutions resellers don’t provide omnichannel solutions, could lose a part, if not all, of that client’s business to someone who does.

It’s also important to note that “omnichannel” isn’t limited to eCommerce.  It encompasses all channels, including the physical store. An omnichannel solution helps RSPA members’ merchant clients manage their businesses across channels. The point of sale (POS) solutions RSPA members sell should integrate with eCommerce platforms to provide retailers with the ability to have visibility into all aspects of their business, to manage it efficiently, and benefit from the data they can collect on every channel.