Guest Column | March 5, 2013

RSPA Editor's Letter

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By Kristen Oleson, connect Executive Editor/Content Manager, RSPA Marketing & Communications Manager,

Dear Readers,

If I haven’t spoken or written to you personally yet this year, Happy New Year! I hope that 2013 is a successful, fulfilling year for all of our RSPA members and member companies.

I know that the topic is cliché and I know that the principle is controversial, but I have to admit that I am personally a fan of New Year’s resolutions. Don’t judge me yet…

I am someone who takes pride in identifying opportunities for positive change. I also have a professional certification in Change Management, so change is interesting to me on so many levels. Call it over-thinking, but when I make a change in the new year (or any time) it is because I have recognized an opportunity for improvement, brainstormed solutions, calculated the implications of making a change (using matrices and other equally nerdy tactics), established a strategic plan for the implementation and communication of change and identified resources for sustaining and supporting the change successfully.

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