Video | August 5, 2011

RSPA CEO Finizio At RetailNOW: ‘Change Brings Opportunity'

Source: RSPA

Joe Finizio, the president and CEO of the RSPA (Retail Solutions Providers Association), shares his perspective on the state of the retail IT channel and details his organization's transition during his five-year tenure. "We're at an immense period of change," Finizio told the gathering of nearly 400 retail IT executives at RetailNOW 2011. "I wish I was 20 again and getting into the business. We've got technology change, we've got business model change. And we've got generational change. Folks that got into the ECR (electronic cash register) business back in the early 70s are getting out of the business now. Our role as the organization is to, in fact, sustain the channel and to, in fact, sustain the industry." For more information on RetailNOW 2011, go to