Guest Column | April 29, 2011

Guest Column: Review Phase — Did You Get The Results You Wanted?

By Jim Wanner, Keymark, Inc.

Greetings! This final article is my personal favorite because I believe everyone needs to focus on results. Now that your system is operational you want to know if you received value for your investment. You spent time and money installing a system intended to help your company grow and increase shareholder value. What are the actual results?

There are a few different options for engaging your consultants at this point. Let's walk through each one in detail.

If you built into your system accurate reporting and you trust the details before and after system measurements, spending consulting dollars now may be a waste of resources. Before you make this decision please take a moment and ask yourself: "Do I have control of the system and do I truly understand the end results?" If your answer is yes, save yourself time and money and either begin enhancing your solution or move on to your next project.