Case Study

Renewed Reliability Makes For Rewarding Partnership Between PCSI And Continuum

Source: Continuum

This case study from Continuum Managed Services takes a look at Preferred Communications Systems, Inc. (PCSI), an IT support company serving the Chicago area since 1991. PCSI provides services such as network security and monitoring and maintenance, and server, desktop, and user care. They employ 14 people and serve nearly every vertical market, with primary markets consisting of manufacturing and associations.

PCSI is facing a continuing challenge to delivering peace of mind and better bottom line to customers through service, knowledge, and tailored solutions. After being with Zenith for nearly four years, PCSI gave Continuum a shot because of their amplified customer service, innovative solutions, and convenient price structure.

“Continuum seemed to hit the pain points and know what needed to be corrected in the new infrastructure,” says Arden. “So we decided to give them a chance to deliver on their promises. Continuum knocked it out of the park. I think they’re doing a phenomenal job.”

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