Case Study

Case Study: Regional Managed Services Provider Drives Profitability By Evolving Its Tool Set

Source: Lenovo

Nex-Tech, a regional Managed Services Provider (MSP) based in western Kansas, is deeply entrenched in the small and mid-sized business market. Currently serving over 2,600 customers, the 190-employee company has developed mature processes and strategies to profitably deliver managed services. Nex-Tech is deploying these capabilities in a market that is experiencing healthy growth.

"More and more, we're seeing small businesses decide that they don't want to manage their own IT," says Steve Riat, Sales Manager at Nex-Tech. "They've come to the point where they realize that's not viable." According to Riat, small and mid-sized businesses are finding that they can't maintain their technology infrastructure effectively or efficiently with one IT person; even less so with someone who "does the IT" in addition to their regular job. Nex-Tech is helping customers discover that comprehensive managed services result in better IT functionality while reducing overall cost. A substantial portion of Nex-Tech's revenue comes from customers that have outsourced their IT. For a monthly rate, Nex-Tech provides infrastructure design and analysis; hardware and software installation, monitoring, and maintenance; security infrastructure, antivirus, and patch management; and backup and restore services.