Guest Column | November 18, 2013

6 Reasons Why SMBs Should Migrate To IP Video Surveillance

By Gadi Piran, President, OnSSI

Here are six reasons that could help convince your SMB customers to migrate to IP video surveillance systems.

  1. IP infrastructure provides the means to integrate existing infrastructure/edge devices onto a single platform. Network infrastructure’s inherent ability to accommodate various edge devices at any point along the network greatly enhances system configuration versatility and improves cost efficiencies. Additionally, the proliferation of hybrid system solutions extends these benefits to include existing analog devices operating on legacy infrastructure. For example, the new fully integrated IP software/server video surveillance solutions appliances feature on-board encoders to accommodate both IP and analog cameras. So what does that mean in practical terms to SMB owners? It means they can potentially integrate previously disparate systems like analog and IP video surveillance, access control, point-of-sale (POS), and even HVAC and lighting systems, onto a single management and control platform. Software-driven IP control and management also greatly enhance overall functionality with the added benefits of infinite scalability for future growth or change, ease of upgrades, and advanced diagnostics to prevent downtime and reduce maintenance. All of these benefits provide lower TCO (total cost of ownership) while ensuring best-in-breed technical operations.

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