Guest Column | December 16, 2013

5 Reasons To Add New Wave Videoconferencing To Your Portfolio

By Dave Crilley, VP of Marketing at Tely Labs

Interest in videoconferencing and telepresence solutions has been reignited in the past 18 months by a new wave of technology and delivery mechanisms. Unlike the expensive, complex, traditional offerings, this generation’s systems are easy, affordable, interoperable, cloud-based, and mobile-friendly. In other words, the videoconferencing market is undergoing a fundamental democratization driven by innovative new technology. 

This is driving a significant growth in unit sales of less expensive offerings, and opening the market to a huge tranche of previously-excluded users and service providers. Nevertheless, there is still a lack of videoconferencing awareness among SMBs and their service providers. SMBs have never been in a better position to take advantage of the innovative solutions now coming onto the market that overturn barriers such as cost, “closed” systems, limited functionally, and difficulty of operation.

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