Guest Column | February 16, 2017

10 Reasons Every POS EMV Integration Will Benefit From A Gateway Solution


By Cardknox

Point of Sale EMV integrations are becoming more advanced by the day. Software developers can now choose to integrate with a semi-integrated terminal solution which communicates directly with the bank without the need for an EMV-certified gateway. Sound great? It can be, but there are many benefits merchants would lose out on.

Integration with an EMV gateway is simpler than with a direct-terminal solution and can provide several, often integral solutions for efficient payments. Here are 10 benefits that make an EMV gateway a merchant’s preferred solution over a semi-integrated terminal that sends transactions directly from the POS to the processing bank.

  1. Centralized Batch Management

With standalone terminals, each terminal is batched separately resulting in many daily batches. A gateway can combine all processing into a single daily batch so transactions from all the terminals are collectively batched. Additionally, gateways have filtering capabilities to create individual reports based on each terminal.