Guest Column | May 2, 2012

Quickly Resolve Scanning Problems With Operations Alerts

Chad Eiler

By Chad Eiler, software product manager at ibml

In a document scanning environment, every operations manager has experienced a common frustration at one time or another -- they can’t get the timely information they need to analyze scanning performance and spot problems as they occur. Too often, problems become visible only after it’s too late to make changes. Throughput drops, keying or error rates soar, deadlines are missed, and costs can soar.

Faced with unyielding cost pressures, organizations can no longer afford this reactive approach. Fortunately, an organization can now combine analytics and automated alerts to improve their decision-making, cut costs and identify new opportunities for process improvements. A new breed of analytics software provides timely alerts about performance shortfalls, so operations managers can now detect problems and make more informed decisions within a time frame that is most effective. This approach is far more proactive when compared to the time-honored tradition of periodically “eye-balling” trays of paper spread across operator workstations, and adjusting staff accordingly. And it is far more effective than scanner reporting tools that generate canned reports at the end of the month of say, throughput, so analysts can later trudge through mounds of weeks-old data.

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