Guest Column | October 12, 2012

7 Questions That Lead To Incredibly Effective Marketing Campaigns

John Jantsch

By John Jantsch, author, Duct Tape Marketing

If you’re launching a new product, designing a sale or getting your business ready now for your version of Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, there are series of steps that you need to include in the planning process in order to create the most effective campaign.

As you design a new campaign, brainstorm these questions with your staff and use the answers you come up with to create a series of launch action items.

  1. What do we want our customer to do 30 days after the purchase? This is such a great place to start because it lets you begin with the end in mind. So often all we think about is how to get the sale. This question forces you to think about how you get the result, the next sale or the referral and puts the emphasis squarely on creating a total customer experience.
  2. What message will create the most interest? For the most part no one really wants to buy what you sell, but they do want to achieve a result, save money, vanquish a demon, make money and feel more in control. How will you tell the story that helps them understand that’s what you’re selling? Get your messaging right, focus it on a narrowly defined ideal customer and start the process of education.
  3. How many formats and delivery vehicles can we create for the message? Would your message benefit from a series of supporting video messages, an eBook, blog posts, an online seminar? These days, prospects have grown to expect a full suite of educational information to accompany a sales message. How will you let your prospect sample the results or the process they are considering?