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Quarterly Threat Trends: A Look Into The Future

Source: Webroot
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Who wouldn’t want the ability to see what will happen in the future? Nowhere is this yearning greater than in the world of cybersecurity, where even a small glimpse of future threats could prevent a disastrous and costly breach. The security industry is looking to move beyond reactive mode and be proactive, automating the response to threats and preventing attacks before they happen. This edition of the Quarterly Threat Trends report shows ways in which Webroot BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services can actually bring you these desired predictive capabilities, helping you avoid threats and potential breaches. First, let’s take a look at some predictions for 2018 from Webroot experts.

Looking into the Future

As threat intelligence gets smarter, it can detect an impending attack and stop it even before the target becomes aware of its existence. We saw a recent example of exactly that behavior in late November 2017, when a ransomware attack based on a variant of NotPetya hit the news. Webroot was able to quickly determine that none of its customers had been affected. Machine-learning and cloud-based analytics recognized similarities to the existing threat, predicted the presence of malware, and stopped it at the network perimeter before it could infect any endpoints.

Leveraging BrightCloud predictive capabilities, the Webroot team is anticipating security events we might see in the near future. Some of their predictions...