Guest Column | July 21, 2011

Q&A: Payment Processing — The POS VAR Advantage, Part 2

Julie Counterman Accelerated Payment Technologies

By Julie Counterman, EVP of sales and marketing, Accelerated Payment Technologies

Today, VARs hold a competitive advantage over traditional ISOs and agents in the payment processing space.

You should look for a partner, not simply a vendor, when selecting a payment provider for integration. A partner is a provider who has invested in the infrastructure, resources, and technology to fully support the needs of an ISV with an offering that truly adds value to a POS VAR's core product.

Seek out a provider who is interested in complimenting your offering by delivering integration value, not just technical integration. A provider with strong integration expertise will consult with a POS VAR to understand your software application and identify opportunities to enhance feature functionality through the payments module. Providers who fully understand and can articulate the benefits of an integrated payment payment offering will help you secure clients at a more profitable price point and improve retention.

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