Q&A: Real-World Benefits Of An RSPA Membership

Source: RSPA
RSPA Membership Benefits Q&A

Kelli Stewart, operations manager at Indiana-based VAR Advanced Data Systems, discussed the benefits of being an RSPA member at the 2016 Retail IT VAR Of The Future conference on May 18, 2016 in Chicago. The Q&A included Bob Fiorentino, Member Services Leader with the RSPA. Stewart talked about the valuable networking at RSPA events, taking advantage of resources like member discount programs, and what the RSPA has done for her business.

Stewart answered questions such as:

  • What RSPA tool or resource has had the biggest impact on your company?
  • What would your business would be like if you weren’t an RSPA member – if you didn’t have their resources and the network of resellers colleague to lean on?
  • What advice would you have for resellers in the audience related to the RSPA?