Guest Column | December 16, 2014

Put Your Customers In The Best Possible Position For Big Data Initiatives

By John Gentry, vice president of marketing and alliances, Virtual Instruments

Big Data

In this article, John Gentry, vice president of marketing and alliances at Virtual Instruments shares challenges enterprises face when incorporating Big Data analytics, steps they can take to make sure their Big Data initiatives are the most beneficial — and ways IT solutions providers can help.

Q: What are the biggest IT infrastructure challenges facing enterprises when it comes to incorporating Big Data analytics?

Gentry: Many businesses are now getting on board with the idea of Big Data analytics, but when they actually try to incorporate some Big Data initiatives into their business models, they find their IT infrastructure isn’t quite ready to handle the extra strain that comes with such a heavy data deluge. This is usually because the infrastructure wasn’t functioning at its optimal levels in the first place. Before enterprises try to move forward with Big Data analytics, they need to first take a good, hard look at the health of their IT infrastructure to determine whether or not they have the capacity for increased activity and production. Chances are they do — most enterprises are unknowingly oversubscribing certain components of their systems and only putting a small fraction of their total infrastructures to use — but Big Data analytics activities can only be thrown in the mix when the infrastructure has been fully evaluated and optimized. Otherwise, any initiatives will be stopped before they get off the ground.

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