Datasheet | May 25, 2012

Product Sheet: CX3641 MFP

Source: OKI
CX3641 MFP

With touch-screen ease, embedded EFI® SendMe™ technology in the CX3641 MFP lets users quickly convert paper documents to digital files, edit them in a variety of ways, and share, distribute or store them on- or off-site—right from the MFP.

SendMe saves time. When a document is scanned, its image appears on the full-color LCD screen, so users don’t have to return to their PCs to see the results. The intuitive interface makes it simple to remove borders, change the angle, and select specific sections to cut and paste or simply erase.

The one-stop workflow also means that users can focus on the task through its completion, reducing the types of distractions that can introduce errors and diminish productivity.

SendMe manages documents

  • Scans can be saved in industry-standard digital file formats (PDF, JPEG and TIFF); with the optional OCR (optical character recognition) software, files can be saved as editable and searchable PDFs or Microsoft® Word documents—enabling users to search scanned documents for words, extract text, and perform document indexing.
  • When a file is ready to distribute, SendMe can send it to network folders, e-mail addresses and FTP sites. The SendMe NetConnect utility can add a hidden text layer to the file (i.e. metadata, in XML or CSV format), making it compatible with many document management and enterprise content management systems.1
  • Users can choose the optimum file size to provide the fastest transmission and best document quality.
  • SendMe works with all leading network infrastructures, including LDAP, Microsoft® Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange® and Lotus® Notes®.

And because the user is never separated from the document, the workflow cannot be broken, averting potential security issues.