Case Study

Printronix Solution Improved Bar Code Scan Rate By 48 Percent

Source: Printronix Inc.

Sears needed an integrated total solution to meet its retail distribution bar-code labeling needs. To be effective, the solution had to perform three critical tasks: improve inventory within its international goods receiving and labeling process; leverage technology to improve operations and streamline costs in its supply chain; and enhance supply-chain efficiency between Sears and its vendors.

To improve its inventory operations, the Sears logistics group scrutinized its international distribution center. Goods arriving on the dock are not labeled. All goods must be marked with 4- x 6-inch UCC 128-compliant labels before being shipped to Sears’ domestic distribution centers for fulfillment. The domestic distribution centers are equipped with the newest technology, using high-speed scanner and sorter equipment. To keep distribution lines flowing, it was mission-critical that Sears implement a solution ensuring 100-percent bar code accuracy.