Primera LP130 Laser Marking System

Source: WYNIT Distribution, LLC

Primera LP130 Laser Marking System

LP130 is a desktop laser marking system for ablating or phase-changing of durable films.

Print durable labels for military, medical assets, automotive and more.

Despite its many advantages, laser marking of durable label film has always been a complicated and expensive process. It required highly-trained operators, a large capital equipment investment, lots of maintenance, and a secured work area for safe operation.

Primera's new LP130 Laser Marking System changes all of that. It's built to be used right on your desktop or workbench, making the laser marking process easy and convenient. It's used just like any other Windows®-based printer. The main difference is that LP130 contains a high-powered, solid state fiber optic coupled laser. The laser either ablates or phase-changes a wide range of specialty label substrates, delivering all the advantages of highly-durable laser label marking but at a much lower cost and with far greater simplicity than ever before.

The labels produced on LP130 are designed to be replacements for etched metal plates as well as thermal-transfer laminated polyester bar code labels. Both "smoke" and "smokeless" types of substrates are available.