Guest Column | October 24, 2016

Preparing To Dominate

Preparing To Dominate

RSPA President and CEO opens annual event with a challenge to attendees to disrupt, then deliver

On Monday, August 1, RSPA’s Kelly Funk burst onto the main stage to open the association’s annual educational and tradeshow event. Her opening address comprised a call for action, not just for the days of the event, but for the industry itself. An excerpt of her address follows.

Welcome to Dallas and RetailNOW 2016! Are you prepared to connect? Are you ready to embrace the future? It’s a tall order, I realize. A lot to ask when you’ve just taken your seat.

You’ll have many words thrown at you over the next few days — you’ll see and hear words like “change” and “trusted” and “innovate.” Great words. It’s one thing to think about, or even say, you’re ready to embrace the future, that you’re ready for change, that you’re innovative. But it’s another thing entirely to do it. To take it back to your business and make it happen.

Take the word innovate for example. Our industry has heard the word innovate so much over the last few years it has almost lost its meaning. At a time when ingenuity, thinking differently, and being open to new ways of solving problems is more important than ever, the very word that encapsulates all of that feels overused and trite. So instead of talking with you this morning about innovation or change, I’d like to talk about a new word. Disruption.