Guest Column | February 18, 2014

Prepare For New Competition From Big-Box Retailers, Copier Companies

By Alex Rogers, CEO, CharTec

Big-Box Retailers Compete In Channel

By Alex Rogers, CEO, CharTec

For most of us, we began our journey in managed services for one main reason: the guaranteed, recurring, monthly revenue stream. Over the years, the managed services industry as a whole has been lucky enough to keep the hands of big business out of the money pot, allowing us little guys a chance to stake our claim. Well guys, I hate to say this, but the secret’s getting out.

Major markets have realized the benefits of entering the managed services space even without the background knowledge to do so. So far, three main industries have taken the steps to insert themselves into our market: retail, Telco, and copiers. While Telco doesn’t seem to be picking up as much steam as the other two, it is still an area to be leery of.

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