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Get A 'Bundle' And Receive Valuable Benefits: Preloaded Data Collection Software Can Help With Automation

Source: Datalogic ADC, Inc.
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More and more companies are automating and extending the capabilities of their workforce via automation using mobile computers. Larger companies are well aware of the benefits of process automation with mobile computing devices, but small businesses, startup companies and even mid-size companies can also improve operational performance, productivity and efficiency by exploiting mobile technology.

However, small and mid-sized companies face a number of challenges when it comes to deploying mobile computers within their operations, including the cost to license and maintain application software, integration issues that can further increase deployment costs and potentially disrupt workforce activities, and a lack of IT resources to identify, integrate, deploy and maintain the mobile technology.

For companies that can clearly see the benefits for the business in utilizing mobile technology, may be hesitant to deploy because of these costs and integration obstacles, a potential solution is to consider business software that comes pre-loaded and pre-licensed, at no additional cost.